Friday, September 2, 2011

hello my loyal fan(s)! I'm back from 3 months of nothing! (vacation)

so you see, my prolonged absence was due to a summer vacation in the tropical paradises of North Dakota. and I had some elbow/nerve surgery, now since I didn't have enough space to bring any paints or paint brushes on the trip, I figured maybe, just maybe....I would take a break from the whole painting and converting thing...did I stick with that idea? bought new paints on vacation and painted a bunch of friends'/customers'/retired circus freaks' miniatures, and within those 3 months I've been gone, I've taken lots of pictures of my work and an Ard Boyz tournament.
(no animals were harmed, stabbed, beaten, stolen from, kicked, or punched to a bloody pulp and shoved into a burlap sack and throw over a cliff into a sunken cavern full of discarded medical waste only to be later eaten by desperate scavengers in the making of this blog.) are a lot of pictures, too many to type text for every @#$%ING one.
I will add this little bit of advice, this trygon I worked on was very easy to paint, to get that sandy color, apply bleach bone, and douse it with that sepia wash that GW sells and after you paint the shell and matt varnished the whole thing, paint the shell with gloss varnish to give it that alien slime look, aw crap  it's getting late, I have to hit the sack soon, but don't worry loyal fan(s) i'll be back real soon.

something this way lurks

can you believe a @#$%ING space wolf librarian killed this thing in one blow! he opened up the earth with some kind of psychic attack and the trygon fell in, I like to think the trygon recovered and just stayed in the ground to fight another day...freaking space wolves...
 this trygon was very fun to do, the owner named it Spike

freaking Elbow Surgery, I couldn't use it for days. I couldn't even button up  my own pants, I had to get my brother to do it, he was once no where to be seen, so I go to the local gaming store in a white t-shirt, shorts, a screwed up arm that would just dangle, and I my hair was horrible, I looked like an escaped mental patient, and hiding in the gaming store did not help my side of the "are you insane?" argument

 not to pick on this gentleman here at the Ard Boyz tournament, but a picture says a 1000 words. due to the circumstances, at least 999 of those word are not in his favor. (he's a good guy though, I like em)

               "looks like Ard Boyz be a Brewin."                                    "I reckon"
 more pics real soon....