Friday, May 6, 2011

more Nurgle, YEAH!!!!! DREAD

I DREAD THIS....GET IT!?......."aww" forget it....

 one of these pictures would be great for one of those unoriginal "motivation posters" parodies "CHAOS DREADNOUGHTS...turning on your troops is the best strategy option available"
 if you notice, the Dread's mutated skin is painted a slightly different color than the marine it's trampling ( it shows it's individualism from the other units), but it still remains color coordinated ( except for the gold trim) compared to the marine. that shows they are from the same army, that's one thing you should always keep in mind when army crafting, while each figure is an individual (to me at least) they must look as if they are in uniform together, even if one is stepping on the other.
 the gold was first painted with a yellow foundation paint (forget which one at the moment) I then applied the brown wash (let it dry first!), then painted glorious gold over the yellow (gold paint is usually thin and needs a base coat under it...frickin' thin metallic paints)

 so...have a nice day

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