Wednesday, April 13, 2011

who are the Holy demons? my space marines...(Games Workshop)

The Holy Demons are a custom Space Marine Chapter I made for the game Warhammer 40000,
before I write any further, I want to clarify something, I chose the Crucifix as a chapter logo to represent self sacrifice, the Space Marine "Chapter Master" crucified on the cross is in no way meant to be offensive, the reason why I made the model was to go along with the army's background, (WARNING! Nerdy 40k back story) that every "Holy Demon" Space Marine has a slight psychic charge in his body, dormant psykers, you could say. if a marine lives long enough to become, say... a chapter master, where undoubtedly in his age, becomes a special kind of psyker whose powers can be used to open an easier, safer pathway through the "warp" to allow emergency support to arrive/escape or to cast any other kind of weird powers, but to use these powers, a marine will willingly go through a ceremony which he is killed and his weird psychic powers will be activated and channeled through his suffering and dying. (for those of you who don't know 40k, the "Warp" is the alternative dimension in 40k, (filled with demons)  which is used for intergalactic travel, something like that)

If the model has offended you, I deeply apologize. sadly, some people think I was trying to be "funny" when I made it, others think that it is a deep emotional concept showing that troops will directly sacrifice themselves, in a very familiar way, in order to help his "battle brothers."

as for the name "Holy Demons" there is a fun reason why I choose that name, there's a great story of me confusing a 14 year old kid about it (amazing, I'm the first man in history to ever confuse a 14 year old kid)
I'll tell the full story some other time, but to summarize (for those of you still reading this tripe), with that name, other imperial 40k armies can fight me due to distrust, chaos oriented armies can fight me due to me serving the Emperor, this way, I can fight any army, and you won't have to make up a big story to justify battling me...mysterious Space Marine Chapter=distrust from everyone... also, judging by these pictures, I need a new camera....yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.............

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