Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nurgle's some plague marines I painted

You know, My favorite Film critic made a Nurgle Army once. wonder if he still has it?

for those of you new to painting, this first set of Nurgle worshiping chaos marines were done very easily, once you can control your brush strokes and get the paint were it's needed (like getting  inside the lines of a coloring should know what I mean)
using Citadel washes afterward are a marvel to the inexperience painter. I'll post a visual tutorial on this soon, but for now, let me simply tell you what I did...I used all Citadel paints...and it's always best to mix in a little water with your paints, ON YOUR PAINT PALETTE!, not inside the paint pot, reason why: too thick of a paint might ruin the texture of the's a real heart breaker...ok.....alrighty then
1.start with Citadel (foundation paint) Gretchin Green as a base coat, I coated the whole model

2. paint all of the expose flesh  and mutations with Tallarn flesh

3 paint some of the little details with Blood red, if too thin, place a base coat of mechrite red on the area before applying the Blood red

4 add Mithril Silver to the guns,exposed metal, scratches, dents, in between the armor, swords, ect

5  paint some Calthan Brown to the leather bags, straps, or anything  you think that's cloth or leather, OR add Mechrite Red and Blood Red,  sometimes a strap is red, sometimes it's brown...mmmkay...

6 now for everything else, such as horns or random spikes, I recommend Chaos Black, skull white, or bleched bone...every marine is a little different

7. now you're thinking, goodness! this paint looks all chalky, Now, here is where the Washes come in, for these marines I used some Gryphonne Sepia wash, it takes a little practice to figure out how much you apply at first (you'll get the hang of it, I promise),  I covered every model completely with this stuff, just add a hearty amount and make sure the whole model is completely covered, now, using your best judgement, don't apply too much , don't let it pool too much, (it might leave a weird mark), if you think you added to much, pick up the model and shake some of the wash off, while still leaving some behind, you can always add more if you feel it's needed. Practice makes perfect

8. after about 40 minutes or so, I think....after the wash has dried, make sure you didn't miss any spots. add a little if you did miss a spot. Now for an extra effect, go over the metal parts and some of the armor plates with weathering powder, I'm sorry but I forget which company I got mine from. I know Forge World sells some, and I think MIG has a collection to choose from. I used a powder that resembles a dark rust, dust the model where you think it's necessary to show rust go over the growth and mutations with Elf flesh, only hitting the high parts and leaving the darker parts in the reassesses to give it the illusion of shading

10. now paint the base with a little adeptus grey, (I added a little modeling sand into the mix to give it that moonscape texture...shhhhhhhh...let that be are little secret. don't forget to clean your brush really well when you're done)

11.lastly, I lightly added some spray Purity seal "Matte" varnish from the Citadel range...remember to shake it good (2 to 3 minutes), and (for the love of God) don't apply too much,not shaking well and/or adding too much will make the figure cloudy/dusty looking, ruining steps 1 through 10 and you'll never forgive yourself.....I highly recommend a thin brush-on matte varnish....I wish I had some

Crap that's a lot of steps.....okay...get to painting

oh! one more thing, leave some comments about this wordy step by step thing and write some criticism about it, was it informative? too wordy? bad grammer-a? not enough gags? be honest with your comment, it will help me, help you....get it?....okay.....NOW get back to painting

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