Monday, April 25, 2011

more nurgle, Yeah

 hello again, it's time for another dang ol' update, this time another nurgle update
only less troopy and more tanky

here are some rhinos I painted for a f(r)iend,

the one rhino with the cattle guard was in the most horrible condition i'd ever seen a rhino in, it was improperly glued and falling apart, I had to sculpt green stuff where some of the track was missing. luckily the guy picked nurgle, so it all worked out

to learn how to paint chaos rhinos like these two presented here (hope you like em'), see previous the blog, the same painting method applies, just on a tank...well, except for the blue shiny parts on the second rhino (the one with the red arrows welded on the front) the shiny part was composed of:
1.a blue base coat
2. a darker blue solid circle in the upper left hand corner
3. and a dot of pure white in the same upper left hand corner, and a smidgen of white in the opposite lower right hand corner

here's a cool tip! write this down...........NOW! I mean it! WRITE IT DOWN!

to make blood/slime more notice-able, after you use some matte varnish to protect your master piece. go back with a paint-on gloss/semi-gloss varnish and paint the blood/slime areas to give it a wet look

oh, and stay tuned for the next update....continuing this Nurgle crap.

p.s. the red arrows were made out of "plasticard" and yes, that's how some people/rodents spell it

thank you and good night.
 for god sakes it's late, do yourself a favor and get some sleep!

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